Mistakes iPhone Users Make: Know and Avoid Them

Owning one of the most powerful and best phones in the world doesn’t exempt iPhone users from making mistakes. In this report, we review some of the most common mistakes being committed and provide tips on how to address them.

Fully charging the battery

There is still a lot of hype surrounding the best way to charge an iPhone’s battery. In our opinion, the best approach is to charge the phone up to 80% and avoid completing the percentage to 100%. Wait until it reaches 20% and then recharge it again. For users’ convenience, iPhone settings include an option to save battery charge, making the charging percentage from 80 to 100% as low as possible. The phone reaches this percentage slowly, based on the user’s habits and approximate wake-up time, to prevent damage to the battery.

Obsession with battery health percentage

Another common mistake made by iPhone users is obsessively checking the battery health section every few minutes to see the remaining battery life. This can harm the user’s psychological state, leading to a constant feeling that the battery is in a state of threat and that it is decreasing quickly. We recommend checking this section once every few months and using the phone normally. It is important to understand that the battery will drain over time, and there is no way to prevent this.

Lazy about updates

Many iPhone users are still hesitant to update their phones due to a famous rumor that updates cause the phone to slow down. However, Apple stopped doing this when users started filing lawsuits against it. We advise iPhone owners to update their phones to the latest operating system version as soon as it is released. Updates carry many security updates, which are essential to obtain.

Subscribe to iCloud services

A lot of users avoid getting paid iCloud services to save a small amount starting from $1 per month. However, for this relatively small amount, users can enjoy many benefits, including a large storage space on iCloud, where files can be stored, and a backup copy of the phone can be made without losing internal storage space. This solves the problem of the phone’s storage space being constantly full, which many iPhone users complain about.

In conclusion, iPhone users should be aware of these mistakes and take necessary steps to avoid them. Following these tips can help users get the most out of their iPhones and enjoy a smooth and hassle-free experience.


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